Why E-Cycle ?

Health Benefits
Less commuting stress.
Faster than conventional cycle.
Flexible personal transport at your disposal.
To avoid being tightly packed in public transport.
Avoid waiting or transitioning time as in public transport.



No fossil fuel used.
Less air pollution.
No CO2 emission.
Less Noise Pollution.

Ease of Drive

Displays Speed, Power and Distance travelled.
Runs with optimal speed.
Pedal, Pedal Assisted and Throttle Driving Modes available.
Light and smooth drive.

Less Effort and Cost

No Licensing, Registration, Insurance required.
No fuel expenses.
Long Life Rechargable batteries.
Least cost per mile.
Minimum Maintenance.

Battery Operations

Faster Charging.
Lockable - Secured and safe.
Remove and charge anywhere.
Easily Swappable.
Continuous Long Distance Rides with Spare batteries.

Powerful and Efficient

Powerful Embedded Motor.
Adjustable Speed Transmission Modes.
Optimized Power Consumption Technology.
Pedal assistance for stressful terrian rides.